Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use LevelMatePRO with my driveable motor home or food service vehicle?

A: Yes. LevelMatePRO has modes for both towable and driveable vehicles. The driveable mode will display the height required at each wheel to reach a level position.

Q: What type of battery does the LevelMatePRO require?

A: CR2032

Q: I connected one phone with ease but can’t get other phones or tablets to connect. How can this be corrected?

A: Once you have inserted the battery in the LevelMatePRO, you will have 10 minutes to connect all of the phones or tablets that you plan to use with the product. If that amount of time has expired, simply remove and reinsert the battery to start another 10 minute “learning” session. If you still cannot connect other phones or tablets during this 10 minute “learning” session, be sure that you don’t still have the app running on the phone that will connect. As is the case with all Bluetooth devices, the LevelMatePRO can only be connected to one tablet or phone at a time.

Q: Does LevelMatePRO require WiFi or cellular phone service or cellular data service to operate?

A: No. LevelMatePRO uses Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless communication between your phone or tablet and the LevelMatePRO device. No other communication connectivity is required, so even if you are completely off the grid, LevelMatePRO will still operate.

Q: Can I connect multiple phones or tablets to LevelMatePRO simultaneously?

A: No. Like any Bluetooth device, LevelMatePRO can only maintain one connection at a time. You can associate any number of phones or tablets with a single LevelMatePRO device, but only one at a time can be connected.

Q: Is it important to make sure the LevelMatePRO unit is perfectly level when I install it?

A: No. LevelMatePRO automatically compensates for unlevel installation of the device, as well as walls that are not plumb where the device is installed.

Q: Will I need to configure or calibrate LevelMatePRO with each smartphone I want to use it with?

A: No. All configuration and calibration data recorded when the device was originally installed is permanently stored on the device. Once the initial setup is complete, other smartphones or tablets will only need to “learn” the device and it will be ready to use.

Q: Can I connect to LevelMatePRO from inside my tow vehicle?

A: Yes. LevelMatePRO incorporates Bluetooth 4.0 which has increased range. However, it is recommended that you install your device as close to the front of your vehicle as possible to obtain the highest signal strength.

Q: Do I need to disconnect my smartphone from my hands-free vehicle Bluetooth system before I can connect to the LevelMatePRO?

A: No. Bluetooth 4.0 allows connections to multiple Bluetooth devices simultaneously. And unlike traditional Bluetooth devices, pairing with the device is not necessary. Simply open the LevelMatePRO app and it will connect automatically.

Q: Why can’t I connect to the LevelMatePRO after my vehicle has been sitting for a long time?

A: LevelMatePRO was designed to be very power efficient and goes into a low power “sleep” mode after no motion is detected for 7 consecutive days. Motion will wake the unit from low power mode. So if you can’t connect to your LevelMatePRO after it has been sitting for longer than the number of advertising hours you configured in the app, there are a couple of ways to wake the system. The easiest way is to simply create motion on the vehicle by driving it or by raising or lowering the jack. Alternatively, you can remove the LevelMatePRO cover and uninstall and reinstall the battery and this will also cause the system to wake.

Q: Does the LevelMatePRO system utilize the current font size settings for my phone or tablet?

A: No. The LevelMatePRO ignores the current font size settings for your phone or tablet to avoid other graphic problems associated with using them.

Q: What is the smallest screen resolution that will work with the LevelMatePRO system?

A: Currently, 480 pixels x 800 pixels is the smallest screen size/lowest screen resolution supported by the LevelMatePRO app.

Q: What are the phone or table requirements for LevelMatePRO?

A: Phones or tablets must be running a minimum of iOS 7.0 for AppleĀ® products or Android 4.4 for products running Android.