Vehicle Setup Made Simple

PowerMatePRO® is a wireless power accessory control system that is designed to replace all traditional 12v DC polarity reversing switches. It wirelessly connects with your smartphone or tablet, where an easy-to-use app allows complete control of all PowerMatePRO® switches in an installation. Of course, in addition to the ability to remotely control the PowerMatePRO® switches you can operate them manually using the keypad buttons. Although originally designed for use in RV’s to control power slide out rooms, power awnings and power stabilizer jacks, the PowerMatePRO® can be used in place of any traditional polarity reversing 12v switch.

  • Increases safety and convenience by allowing the control of slide out room, awnings and other power systems from outside the RV.

  • The exclusive Auto feature allows the full extension or retraction of power systems with a single button press.

  • Designed with safety in mind, the PowerMatePRO® app requires several safeguard conditions that must be met before operational control is allowed.

  • Loss of wireless connection during operation immediately ceases any current control commands that were initiated by the PowerMatePRO® app.

  • Works with most smartphones or tablets

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA


The PowerMatePRO® operational screen enables both traditional, manual control of associated power accessories as well as the convenience of our exclusive Auto operation. Switching from one PowerMatePRO® controlled item to another is as simple as selecting the name of the power accessory from the convenient drop-down list.

Configure with Ease

The PowerMatePRO® configuration screen is a one-stop location for all available settings for each device. Here you can give the device a custom name that relates to the power accessory it is controlling allowing for intuitive and simple operation. You can also enable Auto operation for both the app and physical keypad and configure the time parameters for both open on close operations.

The Convenience of Auto

The PowerMatePRO® Auto feature is a time based automatic operation that fully opens or fully closes the associated power accessory. Guessing the time required to open or close a power accessory would be an inaccurate, iterative and time consuming process. To eliminate the guesswork the PowerMatePRO® incorporates an Auto time configurator that records the elapsed time as you manually operate the power accessory.

Settings Simplified

The PowerMatePRO® app has been designed for ease of use with regard to both setup and operation. A single settings screen makes it easy to find and configure all available options for each PowerMatePRO® in your setup.

Expand your System

The PowerMatePRO® app has been designed to handle up to 7 PowerMatePRO® devices. The app operates in both a “Connect to All Devices” mode and a “Connect to One Device at a Time” mode so that no matter what type of phone or tablet hardware you have your device can control as many PowerMatePRO®’s as you like. When you want to add more PowerMatePRO®’s to your setup, simply tap the Add New Device button and follow the on screen prompts.

Securely Designed

The PowerMatePRO® app requires a 4-6 digit pass code to access the app eliminating the possibility for children or other unauthorized users to access and remotely operate your PowerMatePRO®’s. Additional safety features include prevention of app usage when in motion and the ability to easily abort currently running Auto functions.



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