If you purchased your LevelMatePRO® separately from your vehicle, click the Retail LevelMatePRO® Troubleshooting link below. If your LevelMatePRO® was factory installed in your vehicle, click the OEM LevelMatePRO® Troubleshooting link.

Retail LevelMatePRO® Troubleshooting

  1. You must have location services turned on to enable connections to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices like the LevelMatePRO® and LevelMatewPRO+®. In addition, you must insure that the ‘High Accuracy’ mode (Android only) is enabled as the ‘Battery Saving’ mode (Android only) will not allow BLE devices to connect.
  2. Sometimes Bluetooth Low Energy connections can experience interference with other Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Connection issues stemming from this type of wireless interference can be eliminated by turning off or temporarily disconnecting the Bluetooth Low Energy item that is responsible for the interference. Currently the only know devices that conflict with the LevelMatePRO® or LevelMatePRO+® are some versions of Fitbit products and some versions of Android watches. Other Bluetooth Low Energy devices could also cause a wireless conflict but we are currently unaware of any that do.
  3. Ensure that you don’t have the app running on another phone or tablet. As is the case with all Bluetooth devices, the LevelMatePRO® can only be connected to one tablet or phone at a time.
  4. Ensure that you have a fresh battery installed in the LevelMatePRO® and that the battery is installed properly. Note that the side of the battery with the ‘+’ on it should be facing up after the battery is installed. With the battery installed, switch the unit on and confirm that you hear a double beep. Launch the app again to see if a connection can be made.
  5. If no connection is made, delete the LevelMatePRO® app from all of your smartphones and/or tablets. Power down your smartphones and/or tablets and then power them back up. Download and install the LevelMatePRO® app to all of your smartphones and/or tablets. Switch the LevelMatePRO® off and then on again. Start the app on one of your smartphones or tablets. The LevelMatePRO® should automatically link to your phone or tablet and a connection should be made.

If no connection is made, please email us at or call us a 855-549-8199.

LevelMatePRO® was designed to be very power efficient and goes into a low power “sleep” mode after no motion is detected for a period of time (as configured in the app). Motion will wake the unit from low power mode. So if you can’t connect to your LevelMatePRO® after it has been sitting for longer than the number of hours you configured in the app, there are a multiple ways to wake the system:

  • If Gen 2, switch the On/Off switch to the Off position and then back to the On position.
  • Create motion in the vehicle by driving it or by raising or lowering the jack.
  • Remove the LevelMatePRO® cover and uninstall then reinstall the battery.
  • Pass a magnet over the cover of the LevelMatePRO®.

First, ensure that you don’t still have the app running on the phone that is already linked. The LevelMatePRO® can only connect to one tablet or phone at a time, and this limitation also applies to the “learning” period in which you attempt to link to a new device. Next, make sure you attempt to link to your LevelMatePRO® within the 10 minute “learning” period that enables linking to occur. Once you have turned on your LevelMatePRO®  you will have 10 minutes to link with all of the phones or tablets that you plan to use with the product. If the 10 minute “learning” session has expired, simply turn the unit off and then on again to start another 10 minute “learning” session.

If your LevelMatePRO® app displays incorrect leveling information, the problem may be caused by an installation issue. Please consider the following when troubleshooting this problem:

  • The LevelMatePRO® must be installed on a hard, flat surface. It cannot be mounted on top of carpet or insulation.
  • The LevelMatePRO® must be firmly attached to the mounting surface with screws. The unit cannot be mounted with Command Strips, double-sided tape or Velcro.
  • The LevelMatePRO® must not be installed within 3′ of the RV batteries, fuse panel or any permanent magnet electric motors.
  • The LevelMatePRO cannot be mounted on anything that moves such as on a door, in a slide-out room or in a drawer.

Another reason you may see inconsistent readings is that your initial level position data did not get saved correctly. To ensure that this information is correctly stored on the unit, repeat the process of leveling your vehicle, then press the Set Level button in the app.

If your installation location is correct and you have resaved your Set Level data, but you are still getting inconsistent readings, please email us at or call us at 855-549-8199.

OEM LevelMatePRO® Troubleshooting

Please contact customer support for help with a OEM LevelMatePRO® installation or use issues. We can be reached at 855-549-8199 or by email at

PowerMatePRO® Troubleshooting

Please contact customer support for help with a PowerMatePRO® installation or use issues. We can be reached at 855-549-8199 or by email at