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Setup made simple...

LevelMatePRO is a wireless vehicle leveling system that utilizes Bluetooth® 4.0 to connect with your smartphone or tablet. The system allows you to know how much height is required to reach a level position and where that height is needed. It was designed for use with both driveable and towable vehicles. For towable vehicles, LevelMatePRO allows you to save and recall your hitch position for quick and easy reconnects to your tow vehicle. Recommended uses are RV's, mobile medical vehicles, food service vehicles, concession vehicles, mobile emergency command post vehicles, race car trailers, horse trailers and more. Simplify your vehicle setup, reduce setup time and increase safety with the LevelMatePRO system.
  • 2nd Generation with ON/OFF switch now shipping!
  • Disconnect from hands-free vehicle Bluetooth® system not required.
  • Energy efficient design.
  • Accuracy to 0.1 degrees.
  • Convenient snap-in battery holder.
  • Easy to install and simple to use.
  • Works with most Apple® or Android® smartphones and tablets.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.

4.0 Bluetooth Connectivity

LevelMatePRO utilizes the latest Bluetooth® 4.0 protocol for simple connectivity and increased range. The days of waiting for your Bluetooth® device to pair with your phone or tablet are over. With the LevelMatePRO connection is automatic and quick. Connect with LevelMatePRO even when you are already connected to other Bluetooth® devices like your hands-free vehicle system.


LevelMatePRO was designed to be accurate. We believe using the best hardware is essential to creating a great product. So we included a high quality 3-axis digital accelerometer and an onboard digital temperature sensor to accurately calculate angles and height requirements over typical operating temperatures. See our Tech page for more detail about how this accuracy is achieved.

Towable Leveling Simplified

LevelMatePRO calculates and displays the height required to achieve a perfectly level position. An arrow is displayed to indicate where the height needs to be added, further simplfying what has traditionally been a lot of guesswork and very time consuming. Simply level using the height indicated and when the red level indicator turns green you're done.

Driveable Leveling Perfected

LevelMatePRO's driveable mode displays the height required for each wheel to reach a perfectly level position. Simply stack your leveling blocks for each wheel at the height indicated, drive up once and level your vehicle on the first try. Order your LevelMatePRO today and eliminate the frustration and multiple attempts to get your driveable vehicle level.

Reconnect With Ease

LevelMatePRO will help you return your hitch to the exact height that it was when you disconnected. Simply save the hitch position when you disconnect from your tow vehicle and recall the saved hitch position when you are ready to reconnect. Simply move the hitch in the direction indicated by the arrow until the red indicator turns green and your hitch will be just where it was when you disconnected.

Setup is a Breeze

Configuration and calibration of LevelMatePRO has been designed with ease of use in mind. Most of the necessary settings are on one screen and should only need to be done once during the life of the product. All of your settings are saved on the LevelMatePRO instead of your phone so even when you change phones or use another device like a tablet you won't be required to repeat any of the setup process.

Maximum Versatility

No matter whether you use LevelMatePRO for a towable or driveable vehicle, the app screens will display the images and measurements required for the type of vehicle the system is configured for. This allows the system to accurately calculate and display the correct leveling information for your specific vehicle. In addition, feature upgrades and product improvements are easily achieved through a simple app update.